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Events with Kate Large

Free Webinar

The Magic of Florence Scovel Shinn’s Game of Life for the 21st Century

Dear Student of Florence Scovel Shinn,

You’re invited to join me for this exciting FREE webinar about the life and metaphysical teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn, author of The Game of Life and How To Play It.

In case you’re new to Florence’s work, I’ll share with you who she was and why she’s important.

Then I’ll bring these 100 year old timeless teachings into the 21st century breaking down:

  • Speak the Word
  • Treatments
  • Darkness Before the Dawn
  • Subconscious Records/Neural Pathways of Belief
  • Energy Breadcrumbs
  • Resistance Energy

I’ll share with you the 4 simple steps I’ve taught to thousands to overcome adversity to manifest what you want.

PLUS I’ll guide you through a simple, short meditation to introduce you to Florence’s spiritual energy. Don’t be surprised when you recognize it – she’s probably been supporting you since you were introduced to her books.

I’m really excited to meet with you and share the magic of Florence’s teachings!

Use the form to register for this life changing event on Tuesday, February 19.

PS – I’ll also share with you how you can get access to the human hand of support AND ALL the support tools my clients and I use!

The Magic of Florence Scovel Shinn’s
Game of Life for the 21st Century Webinar

This webinar has completed.

The recording is available! 

Use the form to register to get your copy!

February 19, 2019

Angels & Full Moon Energy Reveal:  Your Pathway to Miracles

During this extraordinary program, the angels and I share with you why now, more than ever, it’s simple and easy to walk a pathway to miracles.  In this exciting webinar you’ll learn how to flow with the Full Moon energy and use it to support you.

You’ll understand why:

you no longer have to DIG through pain of the past to live a miraculous life

you feel stuck —and— why ‘feeling stuck’ is a good thing

you experience the “need” within you to hold on to limiting beliefs about your abilities

the dynamics of ‘human struggle’ gets in the way of your ‘angelic flow’

you allow societal teachings to control and dictate the experiences of your life

In a beautiful, safe container of angelic love, we’ll flow with the Full Moon energy —
fully supported by the Angelic Realm and Mother Earth to learn how to use revelations
that in the past made us feel uncomfortable.

Together we’ll work with the angels to reveal your pathway
to the miracles that are your birthright to experience.

When you participate in this powerful program, you will:

access Miracle Consciousness

learn what do to when resistance blocks you and use ‘feeling stuck’ energy to propel you into the realm of miracles

learn how to process through the ‘human struggle’ and shift to ‘angelic flow’

fearlessly take the reigns of your own life to experience your pathway of miracles

PLUS… you’ll know HOW to play with the angels to flow in ease and grace with Full Moon energy every time there is a Full Moon!

Date:  February 19, 2019

Time:  3pm Mountain Time – Click here to check the world time clockl.

Fee:  $22.22

Cannot attend LIVE – no worries!  the call will be recorded!

NOTE:  This webinar is FREE for members of the Manifesting with Florence & Kate Support Community.  To learn more and become a member click here!