Weekly Donation to the Money Magnet Program

Money is energy.

This donation is an energy exchange that notifies the universe that you’re serious about increasing your money flow!

Together we set the intention that this money you donate, doubles as it returns to you.

As money goes out, it immediately comes back in filling my wallet and accounts!

Please commit to returning here weekly to jump start your money flow with your tuition donation for the Money Magnet Program.

Returning weekly serves as a reminder to manage the magnetizing energy you hold for the energy of money — plus it reminds you to reach out if you feel the energy slipping or being challenged.

You may choose any amount you wish – $1.00 will work   Your donation is gratefully received without judgment of the amount – only gratitude.  

After you’ve completed your payment at PayPal, please click the link to return to the website to the thank you page.  I’ve infused that page with Double Return energy as a boost to your donation returning to you doubled in amount.

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